The Root



This membeship agreement has been made between;

a)  ROOT TASARIM A.Ş (It will be referred to as the “Seller” hereafter), who is the owner of website and resident at Akatlar Mah. Nisbetiye Cad. Seyran Apt. No:35 Kat:7 D:B7 Etiler, Besiktas – Istanbul address and

b)  the internet user (“Member”), who is a member of the website


Subject of this contract is to determine the conditions of user’s making use of the website, whose owner is the Seller. This membership agreement is binding for all members, users and visitors, who make use of the services in the website.


3.1.  Member accepts and undertakes that he/she has read the whole agreement and understood its content and approves all the aspects in the contract. 

3.2. Member declares and guarantees that the personal and other information he/she has provided while becoming a member to the website, are correct. In the case of the seller incurring losses due to the provided information being false, these losses shall be compensated by the member.

3.3.  Obligation to keep confidential the user name and password, member has determined for the use of the website, belongs to the member. All kinds of losses, which might arise due to third persons using user name and password maliciously, shall be compensated by the member. Seller has the right to recourse to the member for all kinds of fines or indemnities, it might incur due to this reason. 
3.4.  Member accepts and undertakes that he/she shal act in accordance with the provisions of legal legislation, shall not act against the public order or public moral and shall not infringe the intellectual property and copyrights of the owner of the website or other third persons. In addition to these, member is obliged not to engage in activities (such as spam, virus and trojan horse), which prevent or complicate others to use the services, provided by the website. All kinds of legal obligations shall belong to the member in the case of violation of these obligations.

3.5. Reasonable precautions have been taken to protect the website from viruses and similar malicious software. However, member should take his/her own virus protection precautions and obtain the necessary protection for effective protection. Member is exclusively responsible for the obligations, which might arise from losses and damages, which might occur to his/her software and operation system by entering the website.


4.1.  Services, offered at this website, are provided by the Seller and all kinds of power of use and disposition on the site belong to the Seller.

4.2. Seller has the right to change conditions of this contract without any requirement for warning or notice any time it wishes. The changes, made in the agreement, shall be valid for the users as of their publication date in the website.

4.3. Seller has the right to terminate the membership of a member by unilateral determination. In this case, all documents and information, which belong to the user, are deleted from the system. In addition, Seller has the right to suspend the accounts of members, the seller has detected not to be used actively for a certain time or to remove them from the system. 


5.1. Seller may use, process, and store the personal information members by classifying in a database, submitted over the website by the users and members in order to provide a better service for its users, improve its products and services, suggest products and services, which might attract the interest of the members, provide an effective customer service and similar purposes. Member declares and guarantees that he/she accepts processing of his/her personal data by the seller.

5.2. Seller may also use such information as identification, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address of the member, which parts of the website he/she visits, his/her domain type, type of browser, date and time of visit and other information for the purposes of making statistical evaluation, announcing campaigns and providing custom made services for persons.

5.3. Personal information, related to the members, are shared with courts and other public institutions when they are requested as per legal obligations. In addition, it is necessary to share the personal data with real or legal persons, during provision of some services, received from third persons, due to reasons, arising from the nature of the job. Personal data of members may be shared with the following but not limited to shareholders of the company, direct and indirect participations of the company in Turkey and abroad, organizations and institutions, with which there is cooperation in the framework of commercial activities, institutions in Turkey and abroad, from which cloud storage service for personal data has been purchased, institutions in Turkey and abroad, from which services for sending commercial electronic messages are received, interbank card center, contracted banks, agencies, advertising companies and survey companies in Turkey and abroad in the scope of various marketing activities and other third persons in Turkey and abroad. Member accepts sharing of data, made in this manner through this contract.

5.4. Member always has the right to find out whether his her personal data are processed, to request information regarding how they were processed if they were processed, to find out the purpose of processing and whether they have been used in accordance with their purpose of processing, knowing the third persons, it has been transferred to in Turkey / abroad, to request correction if they have been processed incompletely or incorrectly and not restricted to these, as per the Privacy Act number 6698 and to request deletion, destruction, anonymization of personal data and resort to other methods, allowed by the law within the framework of the conditions, set forth in article 7 of the Privacy Act number 6698.



6.1. Member gives consent to the Seller to send electronic mails and other messages via SMS/short message, instant notification, social media and other online advertising networks, computer, telephone, fax, e-mail and other electronic communication tools for the purposes of publicity, advertising, promotion, sales and marketing activities, related to all kinds of products and services with this contract.   

6.2. Member has the right to withdraw his/her acceptance related to receiving commercial messages any time he/she wishes and without giving any reason.


Programs for the protection of information, text, images, brands, slogans and other signs and other industrial and intellectual property rights, page layout and presentation of the website are the properties of the Seller or the institutions, Seller obtained permission and license from. It is prohibited to copy, modify, publish, send, distribute and sell partly or completely the products, designs, images, text, audio visual materials, video clips, files, catalogs and lists on this web page. It is possible to partially copy, print, process, distribute, reproduce or exhibit the information on this web page is possible only through written permission of the Seller.

This agreement shall remain in effect until the member cancels his/her membership or his/her membership is cancelled by the Seller.


Disputes, arising from this membership agreement shall be settled according to Turkish Law and Central Courts of Istanbul are authorized.


Member checking the boxes in the Membership Agreement on the relevant web page and next to expressions, related to sending Commercial Electronic Messages, mean that the member has read all articles in the membership agreement and accepted the regulations in the membership agreement.